This blog is on a subdomain of my site, My social media and messaging names are almost always “Sixthhokage1” or “Sixthhokage95”. So how did I come to be known as these names?

Well it starts in 2006. A friend got me to try RuneScape around the end of fifth grade, so I created an account using my go-to username at the time. I ended up losing the password for that account. Later that year, I had gotten into Naruto. When I created a new account to get back into RS, I tried to use the name “Sixthhokage” but found that it was already taken. I tacked a 1 at the end and a new identity was born.

For Christmas 2007 I got an Xbox 360. My Xbox Live account became the next major one to bear the name of Sixthhokage1. Years and several email account migrations later, I’d nuke the Microsoft account associated with that gamertag. I now have Sixthhokage95 as a current gamertag that I never use since I don’t play any Xbox games anymore and don’t have any games from the Windows Store.

I created a YouTube account as Sixthhokage1 in 2007 or 2008. Ended up locked out of it. So at some point in 2008 I created a new YouTube account which was the first thing I used as Sixthhokage95. I chose 95 as the numeric suffix for the obvious reason of being born in 1995. Even though it’s no longer my display name, my channel URL is still

In 2010 I found and joined TV Tropes. I mostly lurked the wiki until I joined the roleplay We Are All Pokémon Trainers on the forum and found a community that I found comfortable in. Until this point I’d left a trail of dead accounts on forums I never really participated in, thanks to what I later found out was social anxiety. But by summer 2012 I was exploring the wider TV Tropes community and started posting in the Yack Fest section. Here I made friends with a troper named Inhopelessguy who nicknamed me Sixy which caught on. A few years later when I was purchasing a domain name I ended up deciding on For a while my display name on YouTube was Sixy, but that ended up with a lot of follow spam through Google+ of middle eastern and Indian pornbots.

The funny thing is that even though I’ve been using a name based on Naruto for all these years I’ve not watched the show since before Shippuden and the last thing I read was the end of the Pein arc after Shonen Jump skipped a bunch of serialization to get out more volumes, so I had no real idea what was happening.

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