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After about four different attempts over the past few years to start reading this classic, I finally stuck with it with the deadline of an OverDrive library time limit. That kicked me into gear to actually finish it and I’m glad I did. While it is a very good story that I would definitely recommend people give a try, it is definitely not without its flaws. I found about the first half of the book to be a slog to read through, the best way I can describe it being a cross between a campfire story of legends of old and a family roadtrip comedy with an incompetent protagonist. Once Bilbo Baggins starts to show his cleverness and wit rather than surviving on pure luck and the wits of his companions it really picks up and I actually wanted to keep reading, getting a glimpse of this in Riddles in the Dark before returning to the roadtrip legend for a while. There’s also not much to differentiate most of the dwarves in the party, with only Thorin and a couple others being mentioned at all significantly throughout the journey, the others mostly relegated to being named when the entire party’s names are being given or called.

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