queers, horrible deviants sexually immoral preying on innocent children they should be shunned they should be outed they should be threatened why can’t they just be normal why can’t they just be like us good gays happy fucking pride month twenty eighteen

Podcast Rec

Raising Sex Positive, Kink Friendly Kids LB134 (Loving BDSM Podcast)

This week, we’re going back to a topic we’ve touched on in the past — parenting and BDSM. Instead of talking about how to get your kink on when you’ve got kids, let’s talk about how to raise kids to accept the sexuality, kinks, and genders of themselves and others.

A Rebranding

Over the last couple days I’ve updated things around here. There’s a new theme, Carbon Lite, with a new header image from Pixabay user geralt. I’ve also gotten rid of the godawful placeholder title of “Jay’s Thoughts”, with the blog you’re reading now called “Androgyne of the Archeart” (the Archeart being the androgynous deity of…