Article 13 is not like SOPA/PIPA. Stop the fearmongering and tech capitalist propaganda.

Sixthhokage1’s post in thread “Jim Sterling (The Jimquisition)” (TV Tropes)

This post is a republishing of a series of posts I wrote on the TV Tropes forum thread on the Jimquistion, in response to Jim Sterling’s video “EU Votes In Favor Of Article 13, Giving Copyright Holders Undue Power Over Internet Platforms”. It is slightly edited for the change in format from forum to blog…


Modern Transgender Medicine – Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 51 (Queer Sex Ed)

Jay and Sara continue their discussion of trans medicine by focusing on current barriers to care caused by our medical model of trans identity. Also discussed: transmedicalism, solidarity work, and what non-binary transition can look like.

Second QSE episode in a series on transness and the medical model, first ~30 minutes is a breakdown of transmedicalism/truscum and how it upholds oppressive systems as Good Actuallyâ„¢

Life ramble

I should be asleep but I’m not tired. I’m just going to pull an all nighter. That won’t be a bad idea at all /s This week my family is gone for vacation at Disney World. I’m home with my stepdad’s father, taking care of the dogs. It also happens that work decided to schedule…

I wrote a pornographic short story

The most significant writing that I have done in months is some porn I wrote on a whim. It’s probably not good, but I’m sharing it anyway. I thought about installing an NSFW warning extension to WordPress but don’t like using modals and even if it was a clickthrough warning it wouldn’t be reflected in…