I should be asleep but I’m not tired. I’m just going to pull an all nighter. That won’t be a bad idea at all /s

This week my family is gone for vacation at Disney World. I’m home with my stepdad’s father, taking care of the dogs. It also happens that work decided to schedule me Sunday to Thursday this week, which since I worked Saturday last week has me working six days straight. I’ll be glad for Friday when I finally get to take a day for myself while the family’s gone. Though with the dog crapping and pissing in the floor (she’s old and probably not long for this world :c ) I’m gonna have to make sure and run the steam mop over the hallway tiles before they get back. It’s fun coming home to the smell of dog shit after a long day at work!

And besides the six day scheduling work is a clusterfuck right now. Department head is on vacation this week and toda- yesterday I walked into a gigantic mess in the back room. This two day truck better be all broke down before I come in this afternoon or I will be fucking angry. Tuesday night is ad change night, I don’t have time to deal with picking up morning’s slack when I only have my mid shift guy til 6, my other closer til 10, then me out at 11. Watch the next two days’ truck come in during my shift too. With my luck it’s going to happen.

On the plus side, holy shit I am inundated with D&D content and I love it. Watching Critical Role’s Search for Grog special finally and I’d forgotten how much I miss Vox Machina. If I didn’t have so much else to watch/listen to I’d give the VM campaign a rewatch. I still have a lot of their one shots and specials to get through though. MCDM’s The Chain campaign is finally getting out of the prologue so the body count should die down, and so far it’s been real interesting. I just got through the Broadswords’ modern day AU live specials which were fucking hilarious. And Dice Funk continues to make me die of both laughter and tension waiting to see where the plot goes. When I work through more of my podcast backlogs (on 99pi I’m down to ~100 episodes! And I have about a third of the Loving BDSM backlog left!! and then there’s a couple podcasts with shorter runs so far… and keeping up with current episodes of things) I’m going to finally listen to season 3 of Dice Funk and be caught up on that series.

Also I’m most of the way through The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. I have The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide single volume ebook, currently listed in my sidebar Goodreads widget. I need to stay more on top of updating my progress on Goodreads. Also I need to take more time to read instead of just grabbing my Kobo to read a bit here and there.

Anyway I think I’m going to go make myself a cup of coffee and get back to watching The Search For Grog now. Hope this was at least semi-coherent.

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