“If lumping people in with their oppressors is forbidden[…]” by @sixthhokage1@tumblr.com@sixthhokage1@tumblr.com
A Tumblr post from April 2017, and a selection of comments.

Original Post:

If lumping people in with their oppressors is forbidden, then you cannot use LGBT, as it lumps us trans people in with cisgender people, it lumps women in with men, etc.

Maybe learn how intersectionality, demographics, and just plain fucking language work before making such awful arguments for the sake of discourse

Tags: #apply critical thinking for five fucking seconds and the argument breaks down #yet so many people still use it to shut down both m-spec and a-spec discussions


allistic lumps neurodivergent people with neurotypical people. so does able-bodied. ‘woman’ lumps trans women with their oppressors, it lumps woc with their oppressors, it lumps lbpq women in with their oppressors.


Just about any word will lump oppressed people with their oppressors unless it’s specific to the point it is no longer beneficial to be made a community. Hell, saying “man” lumps poor men with rich men, trans men with cis men, men of colour with white men, etc.; it’s the most ridiculous argument you could make.

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