Gender is weird, and it makes names weird as well. Most trans people consider their birth name to be a deadname, not a correct way to address them. Most people, including trans people, only have one “real” name, and this will be their legal name. Neither of these fits me.

I’m still quite attached to the name my parents gave me, Jeff (well okay, that’s the diminutive form of my given name, but close enough). That name’s not dead, and I don’t intend to kill it. But it’s been joined by two others.

My first chosen name was Jess. When I still thought I was cis, a forum community I was part of ended up playing host to some genderbending roleplay shenanigans, and so my genderbent name was Jess. Turns out roleplaying as yourself genderbent is a good way to end up questioning your gender. When I came out as nonbinary, I decided to keep Jess(ica) as a feminine name and Jeff(rey) as a masculine one.

A couple years later I ended up wanting a neutral sounding name as well. I settled on Jay. That ended up becoming the name I use most often online now.

And then middle names. I’m the third generation on my dad’s side to have the initials JWL, so I wanted to keep that with my chosen names. First I landed on Jessica Willow. But good neutral sounding names starting with W are hard to find. For a while I was Jay Wynn Logan. I was never quite satisfied with “Wynn” though. And as a certain trans YouTuber with that as a surname has kept having controversies mostly over being exorsexist I grew outright uncomfortable with it even though my name choice had nothing to do with her. So as of last night, my full names are Jeffrey W[redacted] Logan, Jessica Willow Logan, and Jay Wren Logan. This new middle name already feels much better than Wynn ever did.

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