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So this post is such a fucking trainwreck I drafted it earlier because I saw shit that I need to respond to. First of all, split attraction models predate the modern ace community and the concept of “affectional attraction” as a counterpart to “sexual attraction” is attested to by 1989. I reblogged a short post with citations about this history starting with 19th century gay rights pioneer Karl Ulrichs a couple years ago.

And then here’s the big thing I wanted to address. @theunkilling, the sheer fucking gall you have to lambaste people for not doing research about queer history and just making shit up, then going on to make some shit up. “Homosexual” was not coined as a term against us, by right-wing Christians or psychologists or anyone. It was coined by Karl-Maria Kertbeny, a correspondent of Ulrichs’ and thought to have possibly been gay himself, in his anonymous 1869 pamphlet Paragraph 143 of the Prussian Penal Code of 14 April 1851 and Its
Reaffirmation as Paragraph 152 in the Proposed Penal Code for the North German Confederation. An Open and Professional Correspondence to His Excellency Dr. Adolph Leonhardt, Royal Prussian Minister of Justice
, in which he argued against the Prussian anti-sodomy law.

And with respect to a society such as ours today, especially in the
large and medium-sized cities – and Prussia alone has no less than 1212
cities ranging from over a hundred thousand to under six thousand inhabitants
– will we seek to preserve medieval views about sexual debauchery, will
we seek to allow the same acts in the overwhelming majority of opposite-sex
natures to go completely unpunished, while punishing them in the extraordinarily
small minority of homosexual natures harshly and even with a declaration
of loss of civil rights just like real crimes? That is not only unjust,
it is a criminal absurdity from the standpoint of our modern world view.

In further writings, Kertbeny also coined the term ‘heterosexual’. Then in 1886 Richard von Kraft-Ebing published his Psychopathia Sexualis which appropriated the term ‘homosexual’ to pathologize queer people as having a mental illness from “hereditary degeneracy”, influenced by the degeneration theory popularized by Bénédict Morel which originated in and further influenced scientific racism. It was our word first, and it was stolen from us by eugenicists and their allies.

“stop letting tumblr teach you queer history“ is fucking right, demonstrated right in the post it was said in. This shit is easy to find. At least check the basic fucking sources like Wikipedia for like five fucking seconds before spewing some misinformed ahistorical bullshit you heard from the tumblr discourse telephone.

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