Getting tired of these lies about the origin of the term ‘homosexual’

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So this post is such a fucking trainwreck I drafted it earlier because I saw shit that I need to respond to. First of all, split attraction models predate the modern ace community and the concept of “affectional attraction” as a counterpart to “sexual attraction” is attested to by 1989. I reblogged a short post…

Queer Etymology: Enby

There’s a lot of misinformation about various LGBT/Queer terms, especially when it comes to neologisms coined on social media where the origin may not be well-documented. For this post, I’m going to address the etymology of the word ‘enby’ and the misconceptions around it. The context of this post is that within the last few…

My names

Gender is weird, and it makes names weird as well. Most trans people consider their birth name to be a deadname, not a correct way to address them. Most people, including trans people, only have one “real” name, and this will be their legal name. Neither of these fits me. I’m still quite attached to…

“If lumping people in with their oppressors is forbidden[…]”

“If lumping people in with their oppressors is forbidden[…]” by

A Tumblr post from April 2017, and a selection of comments. Original Post: If lumping people in with their oppressors is forbidden, then you cannot use LGBT, as it lumps us trans people in with cisgender people, it lumps women in with men, etc. Maybe learn how intersectionality, demographics, and just plain fucking language work…

‘Gay’ is a reclaimed slur, just like ‘queer’

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This is a comment I made on a Tumblr post in February 2019. The post is about the opposition to the reclamatory use of the word ‘queer’, so-called “ace discourse” where factions within LGBT/queer communities favor the exclusion of those on the asexual and aromantic spectra (a-spec) from said communities, and the connection to trans…


Modern Transgender Medicine – Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 51 (Queer Sex Ed)

Jay and Sara continue their discussion of trans medicine by focusing on current barriers to care caused by our medical model of trans identity. Also discussed: transmedicalism, solidarity work, and what non-binary transition can look like.

Second QSE episode in a series on transness and the medical model, first ~30 minutes is a breakdown of transmedicalism/truscum and how it upholds oppressive systems as Good Actually™


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