Public statement on blocking from Jubilife Global Terminal

The admin of QOTO, Jeffrey “Freemo” Freeman, sent out emails to a number of fediverse admins who block his instance today. In the email I received as well as in some posts I saw on Freeman’s account, he assumes that the reasons for blocking are because of a smear campaign against the instance from one of his former users who got suspended for hate speech as well as for a feature that allows users to subscribe to remote accounts’ RSS feeds in their home timeline without using the ActivityPub follow mechanism. I cannot speak for the administration teams of instances other than my own, but the suspension of QOTO from Jubilife, initially put into place on 22 August 2018, is not to do with the subscription feature or from whatever Snow may or may not have said as these issues postdated the block.
QOTO has a moderation philosophy that is incompatible with how I run Jubilife, as they do not suspend any instances (see their instance short description in the sidebar which includes “We federate with all servers: we don’t block any servers”. Even the “silence” level block is utilized very sparingly; only 4 instances are silenced from QOTO as of this writing. Freeman himself interacts with instances and individuals who we have near-zero tolerance for, as a quick scan of his profile while responding to his email showed boosts from,, and The last of these, SPC, has been a fashy hellhole since before Mastodon existed. There is no excuse for an admin of an instance that has been around since 2018 to be boosting a goddamn thing from SPC. Jubilife and our fellow travelers in the fediverse give no quarter for fascists, and if you do then you are not welcome in our communities.
Freeman’s email and my response are embedded in the gist below:

Nova Elys’ Logbook, 7 November 3308: First Hutton Run

Took the Heart of Time out to Hutton Orbital. Three jumps to get to Alpha Cen, refuelled at al-Din, and then spent an hour and a half supercruising almost a quarter light year between Rigil and Proxima. That sure tore up the Heart‘s paint, ey’re gonna need some work done.

Got my commemorative mug, availed myself of the station’s bar, and loaded up my hold with several tons of that centauri gin people like for some stars-damned reason. Then before I took the high wake highway home I did a little tourism of what few sights there are to see out by Proxima, namely Eden and the red dwarf itself.

Now I’m back at Whitson in my hab after offloading that booze, got the Heart in the shop, and ready to get some shuteye. Tomorrow I need to take the Overcoat back out to Opala to finish a salvage job, maybe this time I can actually get a bead on the signal for those samples…

Nova Elys’ logbook, 4 November 3308

An in-character entry from my Elite: Dangerous character, CMDR Nova Elys.

Took a trip out to Alpha Scuti as a bit to razz a friend about their freckles looking like Scutum. It was worth it for the data to sell to Universal Cartographics but gotdamn I probably should’ve just taken the Heart of Time instead of turning the old Sidewinder into a flying gascan; why in the hell did I do that‽