queers, horrible deviants sexually immoral preying on innocent children they should be shunned they should be outed they should be threatened why can't they just be normal why can't they just be like us good gays happy fucking pride month twenty eighteen

Podcast Rec

Raising Sex Positive, Kink Friendly Kids LB134 by Kayla Lords & John Brownstone (Loving BDSM Podcast)
This week, we’re going back to a topic we’ve touched on in the past — parenting and BDSM. Instead of talking about how to get your kink on when you’ve got kids, let’s talk about how to raise kids to accept the sexuality, kinks, and genders of themselves and others.

A Rebranding

Over the last couple days I've updated things around here. There's a new theme, Carbon Lite, with a new header image from Pixabay user geralt. I've also gotten rid of the godawful placeholder title of "Jay's Thoughts", with the blog you're reading now called "Androgyne of the Archeart" (the Archeart being the androgynous deity of…

Book review: The Hobbit

This post was written first as a Goodreads review, with a rating of three out of five stars. The Goodreads posting can be found in the syndication links below the post. After about four different attempts over the past few years to start reading this classic, I finally stuck with it with the deadline of…

The History of a Username

This blog is on a subdomain of my site, sixy.name. My social media and messaging names are almost always "Sixthhokage1" or "Sixthhokage95". So how did I come to be known as these names? Well it starts in 2006. A friend got me to try RuneScape around the end of fifth grade, so I created an…

Piecing together my personal media center

I've just gotten back into using Kodi and got my library managers set to monitor things again. God this is so much better than manually downloading things and just playing them in VLC. For those unfamiliar, Kodi is an open source media center application created in the early 2000s for the original Xbox as Xbox…

I have a proper blog now

I've been pondering making an actual blog after messing around with the Feels Engine on tilde.town. Hopefully this will get me more comfortable writing more long-form content again, something I've been out of the habit of since retiring from a play-by-post RP I was in and graduating high school.