Nova Elys’ Logbook, 7 November 3308: First Hutton Run

Took the Heart of Time out to Hutton Orbital. Three jumps to get to Alpha Cen, refuelled at al-Din, and then spent an hour and a half supercruising almost a quarter light year between Rigil and Proxima. That sure tore up the Heart‘s paint, ey’re gonna need some work done.

Got my commemorative mug, availed myself of the station’s bar, and loaded up my hold with several tons of that centauri gin people like for some stars-damned reason. Then before I took the high wake highway home I did a little tourism of what few sights there are to see out by Proxima, namely Eden and the red dwarf itself.

Now I’m back at Whitson in my hab after offloading that booze, got the Heart in the shop, and ready to get some shuteye. Tomorrow I need to take the Overcoat back out to Opala to finish a salvage job, maybe this time I can actually get a bead on the signal for those samples…

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