My device name theme

I started actively naming my computing devices somewhere around 2012/2013 after I started dealing with servers for the first time. The first servers I had shell access to were those belonging to a friend I met through an RP community who hosted infrastructure for said community. They introduced me to the idea of themed names for servers and other computers; they use Sonic level names. The name scheme I ended up settling on is also video game themed, which you might be able to figure out from the domain name of my Mastodon instance: locations from Pokémon.

Current local device names are Rustboro and Saffron for my phones, Oldale for my laptop, Littleroot for my older desktop, and Mossdeep for my new desktop. (Yes I have a bit of Hoenn favoritism, Ruby was the first game in the series I completed.)

October update: Rustboro, a Galaxy S4, has finally been retired. Driftveil, a Pixel 5a, has taken its place.

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